[Friday Feature] RaduH’s Blog

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To start off this next edition of Friday Feature, I have to say how cool it is seeing so many new followers of the blog. Really, thank you.

Now as it is Friday Feature, I thought I’d feature one of our newest followers to the blog.

Quick side note, we have also enjoyed seeing some of the new follows on mastodon as well. If you haven’t checked out mastodon, be sure to do so. There are some cool people over there making great content.

Anyway. I was looking over the new followers of this blog, and I came across this rad blog now following us: 


I really enjoyed the honed in focus of the blog, Especially the parenting content. RaduH’s Blog has been going on since Nov. 2019, so there is depth to the ongoing content.

Lot of great content over there, check it out.

And next week we’ll again randomly select someone who has engaged with this blog. So be sure to drop a like, a comment, or a follow and this blog might just feature you for our next Friday Feature.