In-between Notifications (why am I inconsistent with my work)

Audio recording of the post, “In between Notifications (why am I inconsistent with my work)”

Consistency has a consistent knack for breaking stride against the changes of life, and there in lies the dangers we under-go in using cell phones wth notifications turned on.

When we no longer orchestrate the act of conciousness, we become acted upon by conscious forces. And when your plans and goals are second to what interrupts or distracts you; where do you think you are going? It is obviously not your goals and dreams, that’s for sure.

If there is one thing you do to change today it is to turn off notifications on your devices:

Just do it.

The 4-hour Workweek Series: How to Automate Your Income, or Write Instructions to be Followed

As you know, we have been reviewing Tim Ferriss’s 4-hour Workweek and the personal transformation process: DEAL. Up to now we have covered Definition and Elimination, and today we are going to narrow in on Automate – the hardest chapter to implement.

I started off by saying that implementing the concepts in Automate is the hardest, and I do believe that. We as human beings are so engrossed by the works of our hands, it is difficult (albeit a sin against the corporate gods) to pay others to do our work. As a business owner, that’s par for the course. But for an employee, there is that fear that you could get caught, or
shunned for not doing the work you are paid to have completed. Emphasis on ‘paid to have completed’.

But before we really dig into the meat and potatoes of your income automation architecture, I need you to do something. I need you to do an exercise and this single exercise will change everything for you as we move forward in the DEAL process.

Write Instructions to be Followed

Let’s say that you have a house full of plants and so you have to water those plants every once in a while. When you go about watering the plants this next time, what I need you to do is write the instructions for how to water the plants. This process is not only clarifying for you, but it also allows you to communicate with others how you do the things you do. And you don’t have to only do it for the plants, how about your pet snake? Or your laundry? Or how about… you get the idea.

Take the day, or the next couple of days, to write out instructions for everything you do around the house.

Happy hunting.