Things go according to plan when you focus on the plan

Just finished my edits for my book, moving now to pre-publishing preparations.

Just finished Relentless Solution Focus. moving now to the solution side of the mental chalkboard.

Just finished typing up my game plan, moving now to sharing it with you for show-and-tell.

The Game Plan

Picture of “The Game Plan”

The Game Plan

My purpose: to strive towards greatness, and to encourage others to do the same in their lives

My priorities: my art, family, and business

Vision of self image: I have just finished my writer’s work for the morning and I can hear my family is outside playing and helping my family with the farm work. I go out and help them for a few hours until it is time for breakfast. After I go to my desk to address some details with my publisher, they are excited to work out the last details for the book tour they have lined up after the recent “Best Seller” list in the New York Times featured my latest novel, “When the sea lays still.” I also work out a few details with my team on how we need to move forward with recent issues that have come up in our operations; nothing urgent, just exciting developments that need to be handled. I close up my office time by checking and setting any orders I want to play in the market with the success of my strategy so far and I close up my office notebook feeling content. For the rest of the day I attend to my children’s endeavors, making sure the house is in order for some family and friends, which visit regularly to our farm house. The night ends with the family in bed and my wife and I talking about our up-coming mini-retirement to the Falklands. As I fall asleep there is a profound sense of peace.

Professional Product Goal: Book for sale (ebook, print, audio)

Process Goal: Minimum of 20 minutes of novel work daily

Personal Product Goal: 100 followers for my blog

Process Goal: Blog post, share post, and engage with others

Alixander Court 2022/03/05

Wrap up

I highly recommend you get your current game plan typed up if you can; getting it printed works too.

The key is seeing it everyday – because when you point your momentum in the direction you focus on, don’t be surprised when you end up there.