A little music appreciation for your day, visualization is key here

Today we are going to appreciate a song.

That’s right, we are going to listen to a great song by an unforgetable artist. (Didn’t think that music appreciation was a part of greatness, did you? Well, it is.)

Listen to the joy, elation and excitement. Really feel it, my readers, because today ole’ blue eyes has the mic.

And while you do, I want you to imagine that is you. But instead of some dame taking to the skies with you, I want you to imagine that it is your reawakened spirit. What’s more, I want you to imagine that it isn’t to some far off place.


I want you to imagine that you are homebound, soon to be reuniting with your family and friends, returning to your workshop and your work.

Right now, I am so stoked to be headed home, and I hope you will come fly with me.