[Feature Friday] A poet and he knows it

Auido Recording of the post ‘[Feature Friday] A poet and he knows it’

As today is another Feature Friday, I thought it would be nice to look at some of the recent engagements with the blog and I thought I would share with you who’s also been enjoying the blog.

One of my returning visitors is a gentleman poet who has been quite busy with his recent success as a blogger (my definition of success here is someone who creates unique content, cultivates a crowd, and celebrates connection.) And he has liked two of my posts here recently, wich I think is very cool.

Anyway, without further ado, go check out benAlexaner’s blog. He creates unique content often and has a great crowd of people he’s cultivated – you might find youself celebrating later on account of a new found connection.

You see what I did there? Okay, because if you didn’t, hit me up and I’ll tell you. 🙂

[Friday Feature] RaduH’s Blog

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To start off this next edition of Friday Feature, I have to say how cool it is seeing so many new followers of the blog. Really, thank you.

Now as it is Friday Feature, I thought I’d feature one of our newest followers to the blog.

Quick side note, we have also enjoyed seeing some of the new follows on mastodon as well. If you haven’t checked out mastodon, be sure to do so. There are some cool people over there making great content.

Anyway. I was looking over the new followers of this blog, and I came across this rad blog now following us: 


I really enjoyed the honed in focus of the blog, Especially the parenting content. RaduH’s Blog has been going on since Nov. 2019, so there is depth to the ongoing content.

Lot of great content over there, check it out.

And next week we’ll again randomly select someone who has engaged with this blog. So be sure to drop a like, a comment, or a follow and this blog might just feature you for our next Friday Feature.

[Friday Feature] Photos and Poems

Audio recording of the post, ‘[Friday Feature] Photos and Poems’

For this edition of Friday Feature I went back a few posts, and found on my last show and tell post that we had two really cool bloggers who gave my content a big like.

We had Hannes van Eeden, who runs the photoblog, wandering-ambivert.com

And Preet Inder, who writes poems for her blog, I Think For All.

Because we need to see great pictures and experience great poems – not just doom and fear – I chose to feature both of these bloggers for you today.

These two bloggers are making great content, and I enjoyed beginning my day with beautiful pictures and poetry. I’m sure you will too.