In-between Notifications (why am I inconsistent with my work)

Audio recording of the post, “In between Notifications (why am I inconsistent with my work)”

Consistency has a consistent knack for breaking stride against the changes of life, and there in lies the dangers we under-go in using cell phones wth notifications turned on.

When we no longer orchestrate the act of conciousness, we become acted upon by conscious forces. And when your plans and goals are second to what interrupts or distracts you; where do you think you are going? It is obviously not your goals and dreams, that’s for sure.

If there is one thing you do to change today it is to turn off notifications on your devices:

Just do it.

A few lessons that I have learned living my dream of ‘1 Awesome Month in Mexico with My Family’

Audio Recording of ‘A few lessons that I have learned living my dream of ‘1 Awesome Month in Mexico with My Family”

Back in November of last year, a dream arose out of me to visit Mexico with my family for a month. I can say that we have successfully lived this dream as we are currently living this dream at the moment. And with one week left of this adventure, I am reflecting on the lessons I have learned:

  1. Everything follows perspective
  2. Dreams are not all that hard to fulfill
  3. Nightmares almost never happen
  4. Relish the struggle to fullfill you dreams
  5. Savor your dreams before they are over
  6. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you
  7. Share in other’s stories, and share your own with them
  8. Encourage and challenge others to reach for their dreams
  9. Remember, there is always more walking to be had
  10. Live like the locals do, and not like the tourists
  11. Plan on revisiting sooner rather than later
  12. Pack a couple different size rubber bands, they’re crazy useful in a pinch

It is no secret to me that the readers of this blog come from all over the world. Of you that are visiting for the first time, welcome.  It is my hope that you find the words that bring you closer to your ideal health, wealth and happiness. And for those of whom are revisiting this blog, welcome back.

In the coming weeks and months ahead, this blog will further the vision and dreams that I have of my self and the readers of this blog. There are more dreams to pursue, nightmares to squash, and stories to share. As such I must say thank you for being my reader, it is an honor and  pleasure to to tell my story.

Even so, I hope you’ll be so courageous to share your story too with the readers of this blog. You never know. Maybe it is  your words that just might help someone escape the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) that is holding them back from living their dreams. Who knows, but the only way to find out is to do it.