Err on the side of being creative

Audio recording of the post, “Err on the side of being creative”

Most of the ideas that I have, truthfully, are a mixed bag of get rich quick schemes and ambitious pursuits. That’s why I trust process so much. Process leans more towards ambitious pursuits rather than get rich quick.

Also, process is fun. It isn’t that the result has been achieved that leads to joy; it is while you strive for it, while you are doing the process, that the hallmarks of passion perspire.

In an era where distraction is the norm – only a little bit of focused process will set you apart from the hordes who wander from entertainment to entertainment. Just being a little patient for your process could mean the difference between living to create and living to consume.

I’m sure that you don’t need me to walk you through the mental calculus for why focused creativity is better than aimless consumption, do I?