If you are using VISA, you aren’t using money

Audio recording of, ‘If you are using VISA, you aren’t using money’

It surprised me that people used cash as much as they do in Mexico. In fact, it is preferred by nearly everyone. Contrast that to the United States, nearly everyone uses VISA.

Isn’t it strange that the preferred means of being paid in the U.S. is not in money directly? In the U.S., how people buy their favorite coffee, groceries, ice-cream, jewelry, and gas is in credit channels.

Truthfully, I have to ask if people take cash. Doesn’t that seem odd that there is a trend to move towards payment channels like visa, and not a preference for money?

But here’s the scary part.

How far-fetched would it be if your VISA bank card no longer worked because of something you did or didn’t do, like where you do or don’t live; and now, you can’t buy groceries? That would be scary, wouldn’t it?