Sound body, sound mind, sound leader

Audio recording of the post, ‘Sound body, sound mind, sound leader”

Coming to you live from the gym. Just got done with my routine; well, most of it anyways. Still healing.

The thing I wanted to share today is an article that someone shared with me on Mastodon. Essentially the article goes over the bio-mechanical processes that counter-act aging and age-related diseases as a result of Physical Activity. Props goes out to ghose for the great share.

In addition to that, I wanted to share a sound bit I found on Mastodon courtesy of tinfoil-hat. It is an incredible thing to hear leaders proclaim the importance of a strong physical culture as well as live it too.

<audio clip>

Really admirable.

So with that, I hope you’ll take an hour out of your day to cultivate your mind by cultivating your strength.