Reflection on down-time; or life with devices turned off

Audio recording of the post, “Reflection on down time; or life with devices turned off”

My computer and phone have been off since my last post, 48 hours of down-time.

Pros and cons for doing it.

Most notable con, couldn’t share my post yesterday because I couldn’t type it up into digital text.

Most notable pro, took my son to the park and completely got lost in our time there.

Where to next?

I am writing explicit instructions for myself on what are the order of actions to be taken to complete the operation and what that operation is mean to achieve as it relates to my game plan.

As you can imagine, the work being done right now is some of the best I’ve ever done.

2 Great books on self-improvement

Audio recording of the post, “2 Great books on self-improvement”

Lately I have been enamored with a non-fiction author who has genuinely changed my perspective on problem solving and mental toughness.

Problem solving is the act of finding and deploying solutions on problems. And mental toughness is the wherewithal to not give up or to give in, but to stick with it.

His books have been awesome study material over the past two months, and I highly recommend you look into either of these books by Dr. Jason Selk:

So check the links in this post to get improving now, there is enough material to keep you occupied. Also, I hinted at his work in an earlier post,