Err on the side of being creative

Audio recording of the post, “Err on the side of being creative”

Most of the ideas that I have, truthfully, are a mixed bag of get rich quick schemes and ambitious pursuits. That’s why I trust process so much. Process leans more towards ambitious pursuits rather than get rich quick.

Also, process is fun. It isn’t that the result has been achieved that leads to joy; it is while you strive for it, while you are doing the process, that the hallmarks of passion perspire.

In an era where distraction is the norm – only a little bit of focused process will set you apart from the hordes who wander from entertainment to entertainment. Just being a little patient for your process could mean the difference between living to create and living to consume.

I’m sure that you don’t need me to walk you through the mental calculus for why focused creativity is better than aimless consumption, do I?

Not your coins, not your possession

Audio recording of the post, ‘Not your coins, not your possession’

Since my post about VISA not being money, I have taken it upon myself to take possession of what’s in my accounts and turn it into physical coinage.

Let me just point out, it is a work in progress. The banks are very particular about how much coinage I can withdraw as a person. From my business account, on the other hand, they let me put in an order for boxes of coins with very little trouble. Just have to wait a week, not so bad.

In the meantime, I have been watching how people react when I pay in coins. And I simply love watching their faces light up when I pay in exact change. Sure, at first it took some getting used to – just as any skill does. Now that I have the knack for paying in exact coinage, I am obsessed with it.

I can hardly wait to see what comes of taking possession of an abundance of coins. I will say, as a self-proclaimed entrepreneur, that it is exciting to know that I am bringing much needed supply to such a great demand.

If you are using VISA, you aren’t using money

Audio recording of, ‘If you are using VISA, you aren’t using money’

It surprised me that people used cash as much as they do in Mexico. In fact, it is preferred by nearly everyone. Contrast that to the United States, nearly everyone uses VISA.

Isn’t it strange that the preferred means of being paid in the U.S. is not in money directly? In the U.S., how people buy their favorite coffee, groceries, ice-cream, jewelry, and gas is in credit channels.

Truthfully, I have to ask if people take cash. Doesn’t that seem odd that there is a trend to move towards payment channels like visa, and not a preference for money?

But here’s the scary part.

How far-fetched would it be if your VISA bank card no longer worked because of something you did or didn’t do, like where you do or don’t live; and now, you can’t buy groceries? That would be scary, wouldn’t it?