The moments in-between what’s past and next

Audi recording of the post, ‘The moments in-between what’s past and next’

Liminal moments, the time in-between scenes. There is a secret to be found in those rooms between the worlds. Where stillness grows like a living forest.

I’d learned about the liminal more recently from Brendon Burchard. But I first encountered them in C.S. Lewis as a young boy. Always found it odd that I seem to be relearning all the mysteries of life – first as pretend, then as comprehend.

In the liminal moments, small or large, I noticed the expansion of my creative faculties. And once I commit down a pool of thought, down I go feeling my creative forces narrowing. Focusing .

Today, before you leave the house, while you are standing at your door (la puerta, in Spanish), relax your mind. And then, before you open the door, set your intention for who you will be once you pass through to the other-side. As in, pretend who you want to be before you open the door. And then show up.

What you might find in doing this activity, this practice, is that the world likes to make you into what you pretend to be.

Sound body, sound mind, sound leader

Audio recording of the post, ‘Sound body, sound mind, sound leader”

Coming to you live from the gym. Just got done with my routine; well, most of it anyways. Still healing.

The thing I wanted to share today is an article that someone shared with me on Mastodon. Essentially the article goes over the bio-mechanical processes that counter-act aging and age-related diseases as a result of Physical Activity. Props goes out to ghose for the great share.

In addition to that, I wanted to share a sound bit I found on Mastodon courtesy of tinfoil-hat. It is an incredible thing to hear leaders proclaim the importance of a strong physical culture as well as live it too.

<audio clip>

Really admirable.

So with that, I hope you’ll take an hour out of your day to cultivate your mind by cultivating your strength.