[Feature Friday] A poet and he knows it

Auido Recording of the post ‘[Feature Friday] A poet and he knows it’

As today is another Feature Friday, I thought it would be nice to look at some of the recent engagements with the blog and I thought I would share with you who’s also been enjoying the blog.

One of my returning visitors is a gentleman poet who has been quite busy with his recent success as a blogger (my definition of success here is someone who creates unique content, cultivates a crowd, and celebrates connection.) And he has liked two of my posts here recently, wich I think is very cool.

Anyway, without further ado, go check out benAlexaner’s blog. He creates unique content often and has a great crowd of people he’s cultivated – you might find youself celebrating later on account of a new found connection.

You see what I did there? Okay, because if you didn’t, hit me up and I’ll tell you. 🙂

Reflection on down-time; or life with devices turned off

Audio recording of the post, “Reflection on down time; or life with devices turned off”

My computer and phone have been off since my last post, 48 hours of down-time.

Pros and cons for doing it.

Most notable con, couldn’t share my post yesterday because I couldn’t type it up into digital text.

Most notable pro, took my son to the park and completely got lost in our time there.

Where to next?

I am writing explicit instructions for myself on what are the order of actions to be taken to complete the operation and what that operation is mean to achieve as it relates to my game plan.

As you can imagine, the work being done right now is some of the best I’ve ever done.

Err on the side of being creative

Audio recording of the post, “Err on the side of being creative”

Most of the ideas that I have, truthfully, are a mixed bag of get rich quick schemes and ambitious pursuits. That’s why I trust process so much. Process leans more towards ambitious pursuits rather than get rich quick.

Also, process is fun. It isn’t that the result has been achieved that leads to joy; it is while you strive for it, while you are doing the process, that the hallmarks of passion perspire.

In an era where distraction is the norm – only a little bit of focused process will set you apart from the hordes who wander from entertainment to entertainment. Just being a little patient for your process could mean the difference between living to create and living to consume.

I’m sure that you don’t need me to walk you through the mental calculus for why focused creativity is better than aimless consumption, do I?