The Way of The Wolf, or Improve Your Freedom of Speech

Our freedom of speech is one of the corner stones to our republic here in America. Jordan Belfort, master of sales and persuasion, will show you how you can better your aim as a communicator just like how Jocko Willink will improve your marksmanship.


Who I Think The Winner of The 2020 Debates Is

The following blog post is a long form epistolary response to a couple questions that some fb friends of mine asked me today in an AMA post I made about the presidential debate for Oct 22, 2020.


Alixander the Great reads The Great Captains

Disney would never actually make a movie about the Arthurian Legend that truly reflects reality. Henry Treece, however, is not Disney and he has written a brutal book about the rise of Britain the likes of which you have never read.