Slow Activities may lead to a a happier life, says my experience

Audio record of the post, ‘Slow Activities may lead to a a happier life, says my experience’

I experience what Devine Lu Linvega, at LibrePlanet 2022, mentioned about slow activities when I write on paper before I write on a keyboard. When I take the time to write it out by hand, I generally like writing more, and I feel like it comes more readily. I have experienced a notable shift in tone, pacing and rhythm when using different sizes of paper. And I’ve noticed a different timbre when using pencils instead of pens; said in another way,

A risky hand races
with a pencil knowing

strikes can be made undone
just as fast,

but a cautious hand
strikes the page with pen,

there is no going back.

Alixander Court 2022/03/20

I’ve also noticed too that cursive is more pleasant than print. Cursive also has a speed to it. I prefer using cursive; my morning writing is entirely written out by hand before it gets typed up. When ever possible, I try to write my text messages and mastodon replies by hand first before I send or post them. I’ve found that my messages come from a more sincere place when written first. Am I 100% on that, no. But my experience writing leads me to believe that the more I pursue the source, the more real my writing tends to be. Which I imagine you want as much as me.

Where does your slow work take place? For me it is writing tool and paper, for others it might be the pan and spatula, or the anvil and hammer. It would be neat to discover where you go to connect with your creative source, if you would not mind sharing.

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