Not your coins, not your possession

Audio recording of the post, ‘Not your coins, not your possession’

Since my post about VISA not being money, I have taken it upon myself to take possession of what’s in my accounts and turn it into physical coinage.

Let me just point out, it is a work in progress. The banks are very particular about how much coinage I can withdraw as a person. From my business account, on the other hand, they let me put in an order for boxes of coins with very little trouble. Just have to wait a week, not so bad.

In the meantime, I have been watching how people react when I pay in coins. And I simply love watching their faces light up when I pay in exact change. Sure, at first it took some getting used to – just as any skill does. Now that I have the knack for paying in exact coinage, I am obsessed with it.

I can hardly wait to see what comes of taking possession of an abundance of coins. I will say, as a self-proclaimed entrepreneur, that it is exciting to know that I am bringing much needed supply to such a great demand.

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