[Discussion] What does it mean to you to live with expectations?

Author’s Voice Recording of ‘What does it mean to you to live with expectations?’

First off, I really do hope you chime in on this one in the comments below. You might say that I expect you too.

Fatherhood has been the most trying on part of my life that most take for granted. If you thought I was going to sleep, you’d be wrong.

You see, being a father has been a surprise to me in many ways. I guess I shouldnt say surprise, what I mean to say is more like unexpected.

  • I didn’t expect that I would become a more patient person towards the complaints of another person.
  • Additionally, I didn’t expect that I would be more calloused to another person’s demands – especially ones that I can’t fill: like breast-feeding, specifically.
  • And I hadn’t expected that I would become the sole bread-wnner in the house; although that isn’t much of a concern, the way I look at the money I make is very different.

For much of my adult life, people have told me not to have too many expectations of others. That includes my self. And now that I reflect on areas of my life that have changed since fatherhood, I wish I had cultivated greater expectations of myself. Greater personal expectations regarding writing consistency, greater expectations of family cohesion, and possibly greater expectations of personal financial accountability.

Which leads me to ask, what expectations do you have for your self? Do you think they are healthy to have? Or, do you subscribe to the notion that life is better lived with fewer expectations?

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