This blog’s current follower goal and your role in that, there’s more to it than just subscribing

Audio recording of the post, ‘This blog’s current follower goal and your role in that, there’s more to it than just subscribing’

It should be fairly clear at this point that is a fledgling podcast/blog with aspirations. And right now my goal is to hit 100 followers by the end of the year.

As of right now this blog has 84 wordpress followers and 2 email followers. I have no idea if people get more value from being a wordpress follower or an email subscriber. I guess what matters is that people are getting the message.

Discussing followers and stats begs the question: why does this blog want followers? And why should you follow this blog?

Well, those are some great questions to explore and so let’s get into it.

Why this blog wants followers

Jokingly, the first answer that came to mind is that the author is an egotistical, self-centered human being who measures success by an arbitrary metric…

But for real, though. Why this blog wants others to follow is because I stongly believe in the message it aims to share, that the core message is worth pursuing, and that those who follow this blog will benefit from it.

What is the core message of this blog

Be Great.

Simple as that.

For me, this stands as a personal ensign, a banner or standard, for me to aspire to.

For you, this stands as a challenge for you to do the same.

And as I pursue what it means to Be Great in my own life, a part of that is to share a great meassge with others. This blog, and my commitment to furthering its message, stands as my earnest desire to help you find the encouragement, tools, and knowledge you need to Be Great in your own way. 

Why you should follow this blog

Well, as I said, I am earnestly pursuing what it means to Be Great and this blog wants you to join in on that journey. The way I am pursuing that core message is by reading what others have written before, implementing their ideas into my own life, and sharing the results here on this blog. If that resonates with you and you see that as the right way to self-growth and personal mastery (learn, do, share), then you should join in the journey by following the blog.

As such, I believe that as we are striving upwards, towards  what it means to Be Great, each of us will benefit from seeing how we pursue how to Be Great. Each of us has our own life, with its own set of circumstances, and what I have discovered is that when you share how you overcome, when you share what you have achieved and when you stay committed, the results are incredible.

Instead of relegating all of my personal accomplishments as a tour-de-force of why you should follow this blog, which might be fun another day,  I want to end this here with an invitation

Be Great.

If you believe in pursuing that message and you haven’t made the mental commitment yet, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the follow button or drop your email in the subscribe. And let’s continue together on our journey to… you guessed it, Be Great.

Playing in the waves, over the abyss – a sunday revery on the ocean

Audio recording of the post, ‘Playing in the waves, over the abyss – a sunday revery on the ocean’

Truthfully, the best part of visitng the beach is not the cool sand under the canopy, the ice-cold cervesas (beers), topless chicks sunning, or the salty gentle breeze. The best part of the beach is the endlessly thundering waves of the water.

For me, I have to get into the water. I simply have too. After years of swimming in pools competitively, the rip-roar of the tide calls to me. I am sure you can attest to the grandeur that the surf  commands as compared to the placid calm of a pool. And it is that greatness that I love. The rythmn that the water beats on the drum of the beach, it awakens me to play in it.

Of course I go out as far as I can, to where my feet can no longer touch the safety of the sandbar, that I float over the abyss. Looking into the darkness beneath me, lolling with the waves with only the strength of my limbs and the buoyancy of my body, this is where I love to find myself. In tune with the rythmn, uulating with the hum of the sea, pulsing with my own personal power – the power to overcome the depths beneath me. Here is where I truly play, where I let the crash of cresting waves and rushing riptides carry me back into the coastline.

And then I do it all over again, throwing my self into the waves, letting them fling me over their back like a father wrestling their son. Again, again and again I play in the waves. It seems silly to say, but I feel love emanate as I play in the waves that carry me. Not everyone can handle the rough-and-tumble play, and the waves of the ocean are not patient for those who can’t handle rough play. But for those who can handle the relentless nature, there is joy and laughter and exhaustion of all cares and worries.

This is my sunday revery, my sunday worship, to immortalize with my hands the eternal love of the sea.

Round up of my 12 day writing streak

I want to brag just a little bit, just humor me.

I have never posted this many times in a row for my blog before and I feel a lot of pride at this moment for overcoming the difficulties of travelling to new places and still writing for my audience. It is my earnest desire to continue writing daily for this blog, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.

And as such, I would hope that any of the following titles might interest you.

As for me, I am going to the beach today.

Hasta luego, mi amigos!