How to move the plot of your life forward

The reason that I started studying literature, or books in general, as a young man was simply because that’s just what you did under my parents’ roof.

Now as an adult I read because reading is the fastest way to make marked changes in my life and my understanding of life. It is as necessary to read as it is to go to the gym, go to work, and spend time with my family.

So why do I read mostly non-fiction? Because that’s where the good stuff is.

Okay so you don’t like non-fiction, I get it. It doesn’t have the usual plot and character development you want out of a book. Would you reconsider non-fiction if I told you something that would blow your mind? Of course you would.

You are the character that develops when you read non-fiction, and as you read the plot of your life thickens in light of new information.

Don’t believe me? Ask your self this, when the character of book is faced with some incredible insight, like they cracked open the mystery of the bad guy or whatever, does the story just stop there? No. They go on to take that information and turn it into something useful, like saving the world.

So what I am saying is, your life is in peril. You need to crack open the mystery. You are the only one who can and no one can do it for you. So where to start? Try this here, or here, or maybe even this here.

Overstimulated Children, Over Stimulated Adults

It must have been ten years or more since the last time I stepped into a baseball stadium. Probably two decades, now that I really think of it. My family never made things like professional sports a part of our growing up, and so in my time being an adult I haven’t really made it a priority either.


When Unexpected Mistakes Happen

Long story short, I locked myself out of my home when I left the house this morning for my morning walk.

So I am writing this post from my phone today.

The only things that have ever helped me in situations like these are

  1. Maintaing a good sense of humor
  2. Improvising
  3. Having a Plan B

In this case, I had two out the three.