So you wanna read CRUSH IT! by GV?

Live review of Gary V’s Crush It

This was an awesome book to read but I think it would be a way better book to here Gary V read aloud. Acutualy, come to think of it, he dictated the whole book and had it transcribed and published. So….

I really enjoyed getting some notes out of it and so here were the big things, the highlights if you will.

  1. Use Passion to tell stories
  2. Offer Products through your content
  3. Use your blog to house all of your stories
  4. Use social media to get the word out
  5. Be honest and be you
  6. Everyone can smell a bullshitter
  7. Quality is the filter, don’t be afraid of everyone else
  8. What you don’t see in immediate revenue will impact your profitability down the road
  9. Use tools and tech to duplicate your message
  10. Like what I am doing right now bay taking Gary V’s Little Cheat sheet list and duplicating it for you to use.
    1. Identify your passion.
    2. Make sure you can think of at least fifty awesome blog topics to ensure stickiness.
    3. Answer the following questions:
    4. Am I sure my passion is what I think it is?
    5. Can I talk about it better than anyone else?
    6. Name your personal brand. You don’t have to refer to it anywhere in your content, but you should have a clear idea of what it is. For example, “The no-bs real-estate agent,” “The connoisseur of cookware,” “The cool guide to young-adult books boys will love to read.”
    7. Buy your user name—.com and .tv, if possible—at
    8. Choose your medium: video, audio, written word.
    9. Start a WordPress or Tumblr account.
    10. Hire a designer.
    11. Include a Facebook Connect link, Call-to-Action buttons, Share Functions, and a button that invites people to do business with you in a prominent place on your blog.
    12. Create a Facebook fan page.
    13. Sign up for or TubeMogul and select all of the platforms to which you want to distribute your content. Choosing Twitter and Facebook is imperative; the others you can select according to your needs and preference.
    14. Post your content.
    15. Start creating community by leaving comments on other people’s blogs and forums and replying to comments to your own comment.
    16. Use Twitter Search (or Search.Twitter) to find as many people as possible talking about your topic, and communicate with them.
    17. Use to find more blogs that are relevant to your subject.
    18. Join as many active Facebook fan pages and groups relating to your blog topic as possible.
    19. Repeat steps 12 through 16 over and over and over and over and over.
    20. Do it again.
    21. And again.
    22. When you feel your personal brand has gained sufficient attention and stickiness, start reaching out to advertisers and begin monetizing.
    23. Enjoy the ride.

If you have any difficulties with this stuff, hit me up. I will help you get over any of these obstacles.

No More Mr. Nice Guy! Book Review

by Dr. Robert A Glover

It was a ton of fun to read this book. I learned a ton about my self and I highly recommend it to any one that would be interested in throwing off some of their baggage.

You can watch my video review below, and I have also included the 30 rules beneath the video:

The Thirty Rules for No More Mr. Nice Guy!

  1. If it frightens you, do it.
  2. Don’t settle. Every time you settle, you get exactly what you settled for.
  3. Put yourself first.
  4. No matter what happens, you will handle it.
  5. Whatever you do, do it 100%.
  6. If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got.
  7. You are the only person on this planet responsible for your needs, wants, and happiness.
  8. Ask for what you want.
  9. If what you are doing isn’t working, try something different.
  10. Be clear and direct.
  11. Learn to say “no.”
  12. Don’t make excuses.
  13. If you are an adult, you are old enough to make your own rules.
  14. Let people help you.
  15. Be honest with yourself.
  16. Do not let anyone treat you badly. No one. Ever.
  17. Remove yourself from a bad situation instead of waiting for the situation to change.
  18. Don’t tolerate the intolerable — ever.
  19. Stop blaming. Victims never succeed.
  20. Live with integrity. Decide what feels right to you, then do it.
  21. Accept the consequences of your actions.
  22. Be good to yourself.
  23. Think “abundance.”
  24. Face difficult situations and conflict head on.
  25. Don’t do anything in secret.
  26. Do it now.
  27. Be willing to let go of what you have so you can get what you want.
  28. Have fun. If you are not having fun, something is wrong.
  29. Give yourself room to fail. There are no mistakes, only learning experiences.
  30. Control is an illusion. Let go; let life happen.

What are some of your No More Mr. Nice Guy! rules for your self?

Making the Most of Money Master the Game

I had the opportunity to record a video on Facebook about muy experience reading “Money – Master the Game” by Tony Robbins. Feel free to watch the video and below you can see some of the bullet points.

The Top Ten Things I got from reading Tony Robbins “Money – Master the Game”

  1. Allocate a % of your income
  2. Look into Index Funds
  3. Limit the Fees you are paying
  4. Streamline your Taxes
  5. Find a Fiduciary
  6. Consider the Endgame: Income
  7. Know the number your financial freedome requires
  8. Fuel your fund
  9. The Key is Asset Allocation
  10. Pay the Price to make your income perment