Feeling Pain Reading Can’t Hurt Me

From the get go I knew that I didn’t like reading his book. I hated how crass and self-righteous he was, and his tone absolutely drove me bonkers.

David Goggins has written a book, with the help of a guest writer, and it is called Can’t Hurt Me. Truly, this will be a book that will be touted as a must read for years to come. And I knew why as soon as he was done talking about his childhood.

David Goggins lived in abusive family growing up, and then suffered racial prejudice all through college. Hated at home, hated at school. But when David made the conscientious decision to join the military, the book and my interest changed.

Can’t Hurt Me is a fascinating story about a man that simply would not let failure get in the way of what he wanted. And while inflated and flagrant at sometime, the book was immensely powerful in describing the depth of the human spirit as it battles with pain, hardship, and mental callousness.

In many ways, I feel deeply saddened by the life that David decided to live. And I will always see the physical training that I do as inferior to the brutality that he endured, and self inflicted. But what I gleaned from his memoir, for that is what it is, was that we are all more capable than we let on. We simply have to suffer more, deeper, and longer than anyone else – this is what separates the greats from the wannabes.

Highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a first hand account of someone who has gone the distance, as a ultra marathoner nonetheless, and wants to hear what it takes to push past your own physical and mental limitations.

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