Why, yes, they don’t care until you make them

You may have bold dreams, and you have even taken some pretty audacious action in life to communicate them. You expect the response to your massive action to be immense, and abundant beyond belief. That’s why the reaction you got out of that cute blog post that you made, or that youtube video (a whopping 2 views), hurts so much. What went wrong? You invested the time to help others, and they don’t seem to care.

Let’s get something straight. Others don’t care about you, or your creative project. People only care about themselves, period. Even if what you made will make them smarter, faster, stronger, richer, or more beautiful, others will only care about what they want to care about. And why is that? Let’s explore an idea real quick.

As a creative, you want to make something that resonates with people (I get that). You would love to see it go viral (who wouldn’t). But deep in your gut, the feeling of making something that others might resonate with seems beyond your reach. Even if you work until completion on some creative adventure for days, weeks, or months, if people don’t care about what you are going to create, they aren’t going to care about what you did create.

So here’s the rub. In order to get others to care about what you’ve made, you have to get them to care about what you are going to make. And there is no better way to get others to care about what you are going to make then by asking them, “What do you care about?” Seems simple enough, right? Well, that’s where you would be wrong.

You see, it is easy to ask what you care about. But the flip side of that is that it is difficult to share what we care about. Even if my example is extreme, when we share a business idea, or a blog post we have made, or tutorial video we created, we didn’t get the reception that we were looking for: an over abundant chorus of hallelujahs, eurekas, and bravos. Then let’s agree that when we ask others to share with us what they care about that they are afraid that it is going to fall flat. Its happened to you, right?

Maybe this will help you on your journey, you have a long way to go (we all do), it is better to start small with people. You have probably found it is easier to talk to a friend and when the conversation sparks your thoughts, follow up later with something to share that you have made. This essentially is the first step to getting others to care about something you are going to make. To go one step further, when your friend divulges something that someone they care about needs, follow up later with something you’ve made that your friend can share with that person they care about. Are you getting it now?

You have been wonderful to write to, and I wish you a wonderful day of health, happiness, and prosperity. And when you care to share what you care about, you will find a comment box below.

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