Thundertiger, the Typewriter of Tomorrow!

Who wouldn't be excited about this rad machine?
What an awesome color!

Found a typewriter yesterday at the pawn shop. I’m often on the hunt for typewriters and adding this one to my collection was real sweet. Its the fourth one in my collection, and the eighth typewriter I’ve purchased.

It is a Sears typewriter, the model was made in Portugal, and its series is Chevron. I named it Thundertiger, the Typewriter of Tomorrow. Fun name for a fun colored typewriter. And the case that comes with it is cool too.

Quetips or is it cuetips?
Use alcohol and cotton.

Took some of last night and today cleaning the typeset with rubbing alcohol and cuetips. There was some very old ink crusted on the characters and so I used a small copper brush to clear the gunk.

I also changed out the ribbon from the all black ribbon that came with it for the two toned ribbon I had lying around. It would seem like there is a measure of standardization when it comes to ribbons. The color change-over switch is a small wheel om the right hand side of the keyboard.

Anyway… Pretty cool typewriter, wouldn’t you agree?

Comments are welcome.

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