Alixander @ Women’s Entrepreneurship Panel

This was an awesome experience! I am grateful to have had the opportunity last week to support my friend Robyn Cohen and to learn about the amazing things that Ann Marie Wallace, and Anne Burkholder are also doing in the Salt Lake City community.

That being said, you are welcome to listen to the audio from the panel. Please excuse the low quality of the recording. When I recognized the opportunity for what it was, a chance to hear four women speak their expertise and authority, I set up my phone’s voice recorder on the table in front of them and prayed to the gods that it would be good enough. The content from this panel makes up for everything that my phone lacks.

So please, enjoy and be patient with the quality of the recording. The content of the recording was second to none.

When you are interested in learning more about June Chen or the work that she does for Church and State, check em out!



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