71 + 1 Crazy Things You Will Do AS a Business Person Now That You Have a Pinterest Account

Everyone seems to think that pinterest is for foodies and designers. At least, that’s what I thought when I got started. But after I searched some topics relevant to me (ie business marketing), my world changed. So I decided to compile a list of all the things that you will do once you go down the PInterest Rabit Hole.

71 Things You Will Do Now That You Have a Pinterest Account

  1. You will document as you work
  2. You will set your assumptions aside
  3. You will use big surfaces
  4. You will use your intuition as a resource
  5. You will use post-it notes
  6. You will use white boards
  7. You will use 8x 10 printer paper as minture break out boards
  8. You will stack post-it notes
  9. You will eat healthy food.
  10. You will bring your chargers to work
  11. You will have stasks of Post-it Notes
  12. Your drawings will suck, but they get better
  13. You will have insight
  14. You will drink water
  15. You will waterfall stack post-it notes when they get too high
  16. You will listen to music
  17. You will clean u pafter yourself.
  18. You will get sleep (6+ hours is best)
  19. You will have sex with your lover
  20. You will go to the gym
  21. You will eat dinner that you cook. And it will be delicious.
  22. You will wake up early and slowly.
  23. You will eat breakfast
  24. You will drink coffee
  25. You will write in your personal journal
  26. You will show up for scrum (early is best)
  27. You will work from your work journal
  28. You will use a clipboard
  29. You will use timers
  30. You will stand and deliver
  31. you will be paitent with the internet connections
  32. You will finish befor you move on to the next task
  33. Tiers are no new propositions of value, they are additions of value to your OG proposition
  34. Using Matixes will provide insight
  35. You will keep your time commitments
  36. You will use the Business Model Canvas
  37. You will run your customer segments through the Value Proposition Canvas
  38. You will demonstrate what you know to others
  39. You will be instructed/\presented by people with big plans
  40. YOu will invest time in your family
  41. You will identify your most valued customer by the behavior you desire
  42. You will kanban
  43. You will sprint
  44. You will scrum
  45. You will wash your dishes
  46. You will stop working before 9pm
  47. You will keep making notes to get them off your mind
  48. You will drink lots and lots of water from a bottle of water you keep with you
  49. You will understand themes of work
  50. You will regularly evaluate the epics you are undergoing
  51. You will create user stories & you will imbue them with information
  52. You will discover known-knowns and you known-unknowns
  53. You will let intuition an passion fuel the creative force that you are as you pass through structured and logical processes.
  54. You will make lists
  55. You will put clients needs first
  56. You will input information regarding your calls in the base app after your call is over
  57. You will go on walks
  58. You will ask for help
  59. You will say thank you (by card in the mail is best)
  60. You will use contractors
  61. You will use pinterest
  62. You will use google
  63. You will read industry related magazines
  64. You will source all quoted material
  65. You will perform tasks
  66. You will go to social functions
  67. You will keep alcohol in the bottle
  68. You will tinker and toy
  69. You will have a logo
  70. You will send invoices
  71. You will schedule the blog posts you make

And the +1 thing you will do now?

You will pin before you leave.


Thundertiger, the Typewriter of Tomorrow!

Who wouldn't be excited about this rad machine?
What an awesome color!

Found a typewriter yesterday at the pawn shop. I’m often on the hunt for typewriters and adding this one to my collection was real sweet. Its the fourth one in my collection, and the eighth typewriter I’ve purchased.

It is a Sears typewriter, the model was made in Portugal, and its series is Chevron. I named it Thundertiger, the Typewriter of Tomorrow. Fun name for a fun colored typewriter. And the case that comes with it is cool too.

Quetips or is it cuetips?
Use alcohol and cotton.

Took some of last night and today cleaning the typeset with rubbing alcohol and cuetips. There was some very old ink crusted on the characters and so I used a small copper brush to clear the gunk.

I also changed out the ribbon from the all black ribbon that came with it for the two toned ribbon I had lying around. It would seem like there is a measure of standardization when it comes to ribbons. The color change-over switch is a small wheel om the right hand side of the keyboard.

Anyway… Pretty cool typewriter, wouldn’t you agree?

Comments are welcome.

Alixander @ Women’s Entrepreneurship Panel

This was an awesome experience! I am grateful to have had the opportunity last week to support my friend Robyn Cohen and to learn about the amazing things that Ann Marie Wallace, and Anne Burkholder are also doing in the Salt Lake City community.

That being said, you are welcome to listen to the audio from the panel. Please excuse the low quality of the recording. When I recognized the opportunity for what it was, a chance to hear four women speak their expertise and authority, I set up my phone’s voice recorder on the table in front of them and prayed to the gods that it would be good enough. The content from this panel makes up for everything that my phone lacks.

So please, enjoy and be patient with the quality of the recording. The content of the recording was second to none.

When you are interested in learning more about June Chen or the work that she does for Church and State, check em out!



The Knot I Am – A poem

The Knot I Am

a poem by Alixander

written in 2016


I am godly.

Not god.

I am awake.

Not awoken.

I am light.

Not enlightened.

I am beliefs.

Not a believer.

I am beginnings.

Not endings.

I am mine.

Not yours.

I am alpha.

Not omega.

I am alive

Not dead.

I am love.

Not in love.

I am a knot.

Not rope.

I am tied up in the fabric of the universe.

And will be until I come undone.